Informazioni sul pagamento

While you are processing a booking with our agency, you will have different possibilities to proceed your payment to us to confirm your trip.

Our company : Dive and Cruise Ltd is the ONLY one able to receive your payment for your booking, no payment should be never made into an individual account, in case of doubt, contact us


All payments in USD / EURO / CHF / SGD / AUD / HKD have to be to the beneficiary : DIVE AND CRUISE LTD

Bank Transfer to our Company account below

- Beneficiary Name : Dive And Cruise Limited
- Account Number : 808-763429-838
- Beneficiary Bank : HSBC Hong Kong
- Bank Address : 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
- SWIFT Code: H S B C H K H H H K H

Credit Card payment (VISA - MASTERCARD) is possible on our SSL Secure Gateway, link to this secure page is provided on the lower part of your proforma-invoice.

There will be NO EXTRA CHARGES for Credit Card payment.
The currency for the online payment is by default in HKD *Hong Kong Dollar* as this is our company main currency but on request and depending the amount to be paid, we can time to time offer you to pay either in USD or EURO, if you wish to proceed your settlement in another currency than HKD, fees can vary 1.9% to 2.9% regarding the amount and the preferred currency.

Payment is also provided trough our SSL Secure Gateway

On Request : we will send you the payment link after you ask us for it.

- HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) : Currency conversion is made the date the proforma is issued on

- Credit Card Payment or Paypal checkout are not possible for CUBA destination and Cuban Packages